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Albus Severus's first trip to the headmistress's office

  • McGonagall:

    Albus Severus, I am very very disappointed in you

  • Dumbledore:

    Minerva, my dear, I apologize but I must ask, what did I do?

  • Snape:

    I hope you do realize headmistress that reprimanding two portraits will get your absolutely…. nowhere.

  • McGonagall:

    Albus! Severus! I didn’t mean-

  • Albus Severus:

    Yes headmistress?

  • McGonagall:

    No, not you Albus!

  • Dumbledore:

    Not me, my dear?

  • McGonagall:

    Oh for Merlin’s sake!

Just want to say something.


People always complain about how Harry never named one of his children after Remus, while Remus was an extremely important person in Harry’s life and so on and so forth.

Well, there’s actually an extremely simple explanation to that problem.

Harry already had a son named after Remus Lupin.

Teddy Remus Lupin was Harry’s first son.

You’ll never be able to convince me Harry didn’t think this.

(Source: xenodora)

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