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"Hermione and Neville remind me so much of what we know of the friendship between Lily and Remus. Remus was very much the outsider and Lily the smart muggleborn who was always helping him when the rest rejected him."

Hermione put Neville in a full body bind but ok

 people need to stop trying to make these parallels between harry’s generation and the marauders era happen because this is nonsense

But they were just expressing that Hermione and Neville remind them of Lily and Remus

Yeah, and it’s kind of strange because the characters aren’t alike at all. Neville may have been kind of nerdy but he wasn’t nearly the rejected outsider Remus was- Hermione was really the one without any friends until Harry and Ron came along. Hermione didn’t have Lily’s looks and popularity, Remus didn’t have Neville’s unwavering bravery… like aside from the fact that Hermione is a muggleborn, I don’t see why their friendship is any more similar to Lily and Remus’ than Neville’s friendship with Ginny or Luna.

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